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About StitchList

Learn about how the StitchList team found a need for the modern sewist to organize their patterns and projects.

Jesse Williams - CEO of StitchList

I look forward to teaming up with all our members to make StitchList the very best place to plan and store your patterns and projects. Feel free to reach out to me personally at any time via our contact form if you have any questions or thoughts on how we could improve your sewing experience.

Jesse Williams, CEO at StitchList

Why we created StitchList

StitchList started the same way a lot of great projects get started. It began as an annoyance that prevented me from creating the very best projects I could in the limited time that I had. Like a lot of sewists I only have a few hours between work, feeding the kids, and getting everyone ready for bed. I crack open my wine, turn on my machine, and then get to work. The last thing I want to do is shuffle through all of my patterns, fearful that a better option is just another box away.

After doing some research on what tools were available I just couldn't find one that met the following criteria:

  • A quick and painless workflow
  • Powerful sorting and filtering
  • Beautiful to use with a thoughtful interface

I talked with my husband and his business partner who have been programming for 15 years and they agreed that an online database would be a great solution to the problem and got to work. As it turns out, patterns are data-rich, complicated, and vary unexpectedly across years and platforms. Digital and paper are very different and as we head towards digital I wanted to ensure StitchList could support organizing those patterns as well.

So, Gary and Mauro introduced me to AI and what the cloud can do to dissect and understand what a pattern is automatically. When we launch we will have a great start on what I envision as the ultimate tool for sewists and patterns. As more and more users join, upload patterns, we will become smarter, faster, and more precise, requiring less and less help from users as they enter in patterns.

Together we will make StitchList the best tool outside of your sewing space.

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Who we are

We're a small group of lifelong friends with a varied set of passions and abilities. Together we will make StitchList the ultimate sewist digital tool.

  • Jesse Williams

    Co-Founder / CEO

  • Mauro Velez

    Co-Founder / CIO

  • Marla Velez

    Co-Founder / Community

  • Gary Williams

    Co-Founder / Development